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Critical Self Aid & Active Shooter Response Double Feature

Black Bag Resources, Justifiable Force, and Simon Says Train have teamed up to bring a unique training opportunity that marries two outstanding courses together!

10am-1pm Black Bag Resources presents Dr. Brent Schoenfeldt for "Critical Self Aid," a course focused on treating your own life threatening wounds to dramatically improve survivability until professional medical care can be reached.

1pm-2pm Lunch Break

2pm-5pm Justifiable Force presents Mike Wolf for "Citizen Response to Active Shooter," a course focused on the most up to date and current tactics for avoiding/evading, denying access to, and defending against an Active Shooter.

Both courses include lecture and hands on practical exercises, covering serious topics by experienced professionals.

Participants under 18 must have parent or guardian present due to the graphic and mature nature of the subject matter.

Black Bag Resources will have course related equipment for sale at special event prices, too low to advertise.

Space is limited to 35 participants.

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