In Home Small Group Training

Don’t go to training; have training come to you!

Private, comfortable, convenient and fun

We instruct the class in your own home or office at your convenience. No live fire is required and there are no real firearms used in the class. We use the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol and L.A.S.R. Laser Activated Shot Reporter. It is a friendly get together more than a training class. Introduce friends and family to the world of shooting in a safe and fun environment.

There isn't a more convenient, timely scheduled and personal educational experience. Receive answers to all your questions in a private setting. We conduct the course to a small group of friends and family you've gathered. Everything needed for the course will be provided. The class is 4 hours in the comfort of the location of your choice and requires a minimum of 6 participants not including the host. The host receives 2 free training slots. We conduct the following in home training programs (Handgun Safety, Shooting Fundamentals and Home Defender Handgun Tactics).

We can also arrange Black Bag Resources; supplier of Tactical equipment to provide demonstrations of personal protection and survival gear during your personal training session. Shopping for good equipment online or catalog does not always give an accurate or thorough depiction of the product. Products you are interested in are displayed, demonstrated, compared and purchase only what you like.

In addition to in home training a live fire range day for your friends and family can be arranged on another date.

Handgun Safety and Fundamentals of Shooting

This is a great class to take with family and friends. This course teaches firearms safety and the basic fundamental skills of shooting a handgun.

·         Rules for Safe Gun Handling

·         Nomenclature and Operation

·         Ammunition

·         Shooting fundamentals

·         Skill development


Home Defender Handgun Tactics

This course will educate firearms owners with the necessary mindset, skills and tactics to use a handgun in self defense. This is a fundamental class for home defenders, no experience is necessary. This is not a live fire class. This class will be conducted using S.I.R.T laser pistols with paper targets and human role players. Purchasing a gun is not going to make you safe, learning how to use it is. Get off the square range. Paper always complies.

  • Developing a Defense Plan
  • Home Defense and the Law

  • Risk assessment and Threat Identification

  • Shoot- No Shoot - No Shoot Yet Scenarios

  • Barricade and Movement Concepts

  • Unconventional Shooting Platforms from Cover and Concealment